David Beckham completes his first visit as the Ambassador for Chinese football

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(London, 28th March 2013) David Beckham and his manager and business partner Simon Fuller last week completed a historic first visit to China where David Beckham undertook a series of engagements and meetings with sports officials, media and fans that included the following:

  • Live acceptance of David Beckham’s ambassador role was broadcast across CCTV 5 and sina.com to an estimated TV audience of 200 million Chinese sports fans.16-Press Conference With Kids
  • Visits to Beijing Primary School and Beijing High School No.2, where Mr Beckham and Mr Fuller were greeted by over 5,000 students and where he undertook several informal games with students.112 
  • Mr Beckham was offered honorary credentials to become a teacher at the Beijing No.2 Middle School of China by their President Mr Xiaohua Niu.
  • Official welcome by Chinese Football Authority and Chinese Super League at the Diaoyutai State Guest House, one of Beijing’s most historic and grand buildings, where Mr Beckham was officially welcomed by officials of Chinese sport.
  • Visits to three CSL Clubs, Beijing Guoan FC, Qingdao FC and Wuhan Zall FC, where Mr Beckham was greeted by 15,000 plus football fans (12,000 fans in Qingdao stadium and 3,000 fans in Wuhan stadium), and where he attended soccer clinics with children, met players and officials from the game.
  • Recorded an interview with Yang Lan, one of China’s best known media owners, journalist and talk show hostess.
  • Met with Li Ting, deputy Editor in Chief of CCTV and toured the Award winning CCTV Beijing Headquarters where he was mobbed by hundreds of staff from the TV channels prior to recording a second CCTV interview and was the first foreign dignitary to be met at the new CCTV building.17
  • Was greeted formally by the Ms. Luan Xin, Vice Mayor of Qingdao Municipal Government and Liu Yingzi, Vice Mayor of Wuhan Municipal Government and other delegates, and was able to introduce British officials to their Chinese counterparts for the first time.  
  • Attended the Wuhan Youth Football Festival where he was greeted by over 15,000 young sports fans.Dave Gardner
  • Visited Peking University Arrival at Peking University where he was greeted by Mr Ye Jingyi, Deputy Secretary of Peking University and staged a Q&A in front of 500 students in which he was asked about his thoughts on the growth of the game in China.
  • During this conference Mr Beckham was invited to show his Chinese tattoo to students which resulted in Beckham-posts on Sina Weibo (Chinese twitter) rising from 35,000 posts to over 38 million posts in the hour following his visit. (source Global Times)
  • Visited the historic Madame Soong Quingling Foundation in Beijing, a charity established in honour of one of China’s most respected women from the 20th century.
  • Filmed his third 30 minute interview with CCTV5 host Duan Xuan, in which he reflected on the success of the visit to China and set the scene for his next trip.
  • Attended a reception in Mr Beckham’s honour at the British Embassy in the presence of the British Ambassador Mr Sebastian Wood, the Chinese Minister of Culture Mr Cai Wu and other delegates from the CFA, CSL and the Ministry of CultureDavid GREAT
  • During his visit to the British Embassy the Chinese Minister of Culture commented: “This may be a small party, but these are world class people. The UK and China share a cultural and historical legacy that is world class. Mr Beckham belongs to Britain but he also belongs to the world, and he is a world class performer that we are proud to welcome. This is an important cultural exchange”.

This visit was organised by IMG, official partners to the CFA and the Chinese Super League.

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