Roland Mouret designs limited edition Sky+HD box

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Roland Mouret has partnered with Sky to create a limited edition Sky+HD 2TB box with built in WiFi. It will be part of a limited edition collection which included other designs from celebrity designers and aims to bring to life the nation’s love of television box sets. Each work of art is inspired by the designers favourite genre of television with the collection launching ahead of Christmas – making it the perfect gift for him, for her or the whole family.

“I love the idea of magic. I love how a woman can put on a dress and transform herself into something completely new. For me, the Sky box has the same magical quality, the ability to take us out of our world and transport us to somewhere dangerous and exciting. When I look at the contemporary dramas that people love today like Dracula or Hannibal on Sky Living, I see passion cutting through the elegance and the glamour of those worlds. My design features colourful splashes of passion cutting through a calm sea of orchids. Some people will look and see blood. It’s up to you.” Roland Mouret.

The Sky+HD 2TB box

The new Sky+HD 2TB box has built-in Wi-Fi, it offers easy access to Sky’s On Demand service including Catch Up TV, simply connect your box to broadband. You can also pause and rewind live TV, and with 1.5 terabytes of personal storage you can record almost 50 full days of your favourite TV.

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